The Boat Shop
The Boat Shop

I’ve always had an interest in art.  As a child and teen, I frequently sketched the world around me.  In my college years, I experimented with painting, primarily in Watercolor.  It was great!  As with many of us, family, career and other interests limited my time, and I put down my brushes until seeing TV artists on my local PBS station in the eighties.  Bob Ross, Gary Jenkins and others rekindled my interest and I began experimenting with acrylic and oils.  Although I enjoyed it, there still just wasn’t enough time, especially since I had added a new passion for Woodturning.

And then the world changed!  Following my retirement in 2012, I finally had the time to do ALL of the things I loved.  And so the saga began.  First one watercolor and then another.  Now totally hooked on watercolor painting, its such a great way to spend the day.  And, it gives an excuse to travel to find interesting subjects for my paintings.  I enjoy them and I hope that you will too!

Recently I’ve become addicted to painting outdoors “en Plein Air” and have also revisited oil painting as an additional medium when Watercolor just doesn’t seem to fit.

Member of:

Annapolis Watercolor Club

Baltimore Watercolor Society

Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association

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