I am a Contemporary Realist Impressionist painting the things I see around me in the world, primarily Landscapes.  Although I began painting in watercolor, I now primarily use Oils because they seem better able to achieve the variety of color and tone of my subject matter.  Water seems to feature prominently in my work, and is present in many of my favorite pieces, offering counterpoint, light and reflections.  I love to travel and often paint from life outdoors en Plein Air, enjoying the great variety of landscape and architecture across the country and around the world.  This immersion in the landscape provides a verisimilitude to my work a camera simply can’t. The occasional still life, charcoal drawing or portrait bring variety and an opportunity to grow.  My style continues to evolve with the endless struggle between tight classical realism and a looser, more impressionistic style.

Some of my historic inspirations include Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Issac Levitan and John Singer Sargent.  Contemporary artists I admire are  John Stobart, Andrew Tischler, Erik Koepel, Kathleen Dunphy, Joe Pacquet and many more.